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The Tech Safaris team is growing.

“To thrive in the future, you need to change your view of reality, change your mindset, and liberate yourselves from the ordinary.” Martin Talks, founder of Tech Safaris

Phil Aitken

Tech Safaris is very pleased to announce that Phil Aitken has joined as Head of Australasia and Pacific to continue our expansion in those areas helping leading organisations accelerate their innovation. Joining us from Air New Zealand, Phil connects organisations into and out of the APAC region. Phil draws on his experience and relationships in the UK, USA, Asia, Australia and NZ to design and deliver impactful partnerships.

We believe to accelerate your rate of change in a digital world you need to get out of the comfort zone of your organisation, your sector and your geography and go and seek the latest technologies in their own habitat.

There has never been a better or more crucial time for organisations to engage with emerging technologies from artificial intelligence to blockchain, mixed reality to the Internet of Things. They present ideal opportunities not only to succeed in existing markets and future proof against competitors, but to seize the initiative and to thrive in the future global economy.

Through coming face-to-face with emerging technologies around the world, you will develop not just a mindset that is future-ready, enabling you to thrive now and in the exponential future, but also the practical knowledge and network.

Tech Safaris curates bespoke experiences for organisations around key strategic areas of interest in global technology centres around the world. There is no better way to understand how technology can help your organisation, than going to see it in its natural habitat, talk to the founders and their clients.

Here’s what some clients say:

“The most valuable aspect from this end is being able to connect directly with the key execs within some of the best organisations who are experts in the commercial application of new technology.”

“It’s very easy to google “emerging tech trends” and get a list that everyone else has access to, however via your good self we are made aware of who we can potentially execute with in partnership based on our specific business needs at the time.”

“Added is meeting people at the forefront of newly developing technology to get a heads up of what could be happening next before our competitors and customers.”

“Your knowledge of and access to good people (in humanistic) terms is also fantastic, they have all been a pleasure to meet and we could work with all of them.”

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